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Hosted by Hunzinger Construction Company and Sustainable Building Solutions™, the Green Building Conference highlights key topics in sustainability and green construction practices. This engaging breakfast event draws nearly 250 industry professionals including architects, engineers, subcontractors, suppliers, and business owners.


Tim Gokhman

New Land Enterprises


Jason Korb

Principal Architect
Korb + Associates Architects

They will discuss their proposed downtown Milwaukee project, Ascent MKE, a 21-story mass timber construction building, as well as highlight the potential of Mass Timber Building around the globe.

Manus McDevitt, P.E., LEED AP

Principal – HGA, architects

Founder – Sustainable Engineering Group

Current Trends in Renewable Energy Systems for Buildings

Renewable energy systems for buildings are becoming increasingly commonplace in Wisconsin.  Along with the growing interest in these types of systems there is often confusion about applicability, first costs, energy savings potential and the effect on meeting carbon reduction goals.  This session will review the more common renewable technologies available and offer some guidelines that might help relieve this confusion and give a better understanding on how they can be effectively integrated into buildings.  Examples of the technologies that we will look at include geothermal, solar, on-site battery storage and micro-grid.

Manus McDevitt has more than 25 years of experience in energy-efficient HVAC design and engineering systems. He has been extensively involved in the sustainable design industry from early in his career and co-founded Sustainable Engineering Group (SEG) in 2004 (now part of HGA)— a leading engineering firm focused on energy optimization and sustainable design.

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