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About Sustainable Building Solutions

Sustainable Building Solutions (SBS) is a green construction advisory firm that works directly for building owners, architects and general contractors to identify and implement project specific sustainability goals including USGBC LEED and Energy Star certifications. Phil Vetterkind, Director / LEED AP O+M, WELL AP is committed to the environment and to providing owners with real cost saving recommendations to ensure that projects reduce energy use and operational expenses while meeting high quality standards and minimizing their impact on the environment. 

SBS has successfully guided over 40 projects through USGBC LEED certifications and has benchmarked over 30 commercial buildings for Energy Star and has certified over a dozen. SBS has proven time and again that pursuing LEED certification adds real value and is much more than just a plaque on the wall.

Health and wellness is now a focus for our clients and ourselves.  Sustainable Building Solutions has provided WELL certification pre-construction and benchmarked services for five new construction projects.  One of these five facilities hope to be the first WELL certified building in Wisconsin.

SBS has provided preconstruction services for a project pursuing Living Building Challenge that is tracking to be only 1 of 25 projects in the world and the first in Wisconsin that is “Full Living Certified”.  Sustainable Building Solutions has a sustainability education team that has provided over 200 LEED, WELL, Fitwel and sustainability presentations and education sessions over the past decade.  Since 2007 SBS has hosted an annual Green Building Conference which has hosted over 2,000 attendees.



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Sustainable Building Solutions maintains a belief that sustainability is not only achievable at all budget levels, but also that our staff will maintain a culture to consistently re-educate ourselves and share our experiences, passion and enthusiasm for these innovative techniques with those interested in lessening their environmental impact. The green building industry has come a long way from simple recycling programs and the development of more stringent building and energy codes. It is accepting these mandates further that our network of advocates are able to prove our mutual desire to build and maintain a more sustainable world.



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