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Sage on Jackson

Role: LEED Consultant

Rating: LEED for Homes Platinum

Sage on Jackson, located at 1609 Jackson Street in Milwaukee, was designed and built to raise the standard for sustainable multifamily housing in our region. This state-of-the-art multifamily residential development offers cutting-edge technologies, building methods and materials. The innovative design requires less energy, has a low carbon footprint and produces very little waste, both during construction and after completion. It attracts residents who truly care about the future of our planet, residents who want to make a positive impact on their lives and in our community. SBS served as the LEED Consultant for this first multi-family LEED Platinum Certified project in the State of Wisconsin.

With assistance from the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewage District, the building showcases a green roof that is captures over 3,900 gallons of rainwater each time it rains. Approximately 5,400 gallons of additional storm water is collected and stored in a retention system located under the front sidewalk. Together, these important systems divert approximately 9,300 gallons of storm water from entering the combined Milwaukee sewer system each rainfall.

The building maximizes HVAC efficiency and includes redundancies to ensure consistency, comfort and cost savings for residents. Features include eighteen, 300-foot-deep geothermal wells that pull heat from the ground and provide an efficient heating and cooling source for the building; quiet and efficient heat pumps in each residential unit; a 95% efficient boiler in the building to serve as a back-up heat source and provide on demand heat to parking areas; and extensive thermal insulation. All of this is accomplished with minimal electrical energy consumption and extremely low carbon emissions.



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